You may wonder who we are and why we do this.Summer Festivals was created thanks to a group of music geeks, PCs and takeaways boxes somewhere in Berkshire UK.

We are a group of music fanatics. In short, we’re music fanatics and want to share the amazing artists we love with you.

You can find us at Festivals, concerts, parties, at any time and anywhere, as well at events where music is the main guess.

We found that there wasn’t a lot of information on the net about where to see some of our favourite artists, which record to buy, which one are the best festivals around…

After having a lovely meal and a few bottles of champagne (to be honest, they were more like beers) we decided to put our efforts together to create an easy access website for “music geeks”. This is our contribution! A selection of events in UK & Internationally, of course, with other useful news. This is a small selection and we know that it will never be complete, but we’ll try our best to update ourselves with the most important events and news around.

If you have any questions or if you want more information or to be kept up to date with our latest news, or be part of our team just send us an e-mail to:

We would like to hear from you, please, send us your feedback and remember ‘Where words fail, music speaks’.