Boomtown Fair 2023

BoomTown Fair Festival launches a new bid for 60000 capacityBOOMTOWN Fair has applied to increase its numbers to take up to 60,000 revellers, (It would have meant the festival\’s size will double since 2013)

The event at Matterley Bowl near Winchester, has applied to the city council to raise the capacity of its 2015 event from 50,000.

A full application, which was refused last month, has been submitted again with new premises licence and will be dealt by council authorities next month June

A spokesperson for BoomTown said: “The festival already holds a licence that will allow the event to expand to this capacity in 2016 but we feel it is necessary to have the scope to extend this in 2015 purely to be able to accommodate all the staff, crew, artists, bands, walkabout performers and contractors it takes to put on an event as complex and intricate as BoomTown.”

Boomtown Fair is an immersive public art project disguised as a festival, its an experience in the summer festivals circuit

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