In It Together Festival 2023

Born and bread in the Cardiff nightclub scene in 2008, two students set out to create something special. Starting out in the smallest of venues in Cardiff, they grew to fill 3000 capacity venues on Greyfriars Road. Their journey had been unique and enriching but they weren’t done yet.

Their vision was to take their passion for music into the open air and in 2015, they launched Newport’s first major open air shows with Colour Clash and Party At The Park. In Cardiff, they brought Inside Out to the students. 6 years on and their outdoor shows continue to thrive and grow.

March 2020 came and COVID 19 shut down the world but that didn’t stop them. They took their shows online and grew as a company. Expanding their team, acquiring Escape Swansea, merging with Move Together and forming Escape Records – some would say 2020/21 was their best year so far.

They wanted to bring something new and bring the biggest camping festival to Wales, as a result, “In It Together” was created. Born out of a love of music, for Wales, the community and a reflection of the last 12 months, In It Together celebrates it all and they can’t wait to share it with you in June 2022.

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