Knot Tied Festival

Knot Tied Festival was born from 10 years of producing over 80 festival style weddings in numerous idyllic locations around the UK for wonderful couples and their families and friends to celebrate ‘Tying the Knot’ in a bespoke festival setting.

 “The phrase ‘tying the knot’ refers to the ancient custom of hand-fasting, and can simply refer to
the neutral act of marriage or getting married”

Over the years, the one thing that keeps coming back to us from a great number of the weddings we host is, can we do it again?

Knot Tied Festival allows the opportunity for past wedding couples and guests plus new music-lovers alike to experience a family-friendly party and a weekend of festival fun and frolics, to share with like minded people.

This boutique sized festival situated in the hills of Moss Valley, Sheffield, features a plethora of local talent, live bands, DJ’s, activities and workshops. From dancing to crafts and holistic treatments, there is something for the whole family, including an array of delicious street food and a bar specialising in locally brewed beer.

With the third year approaching, we are delighted to invite everyone to join us in the fields again to create more special memories and new friendships.

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