Solas Festival 2023

Each year Solas Festival creates a temporary community, gathering together a diverse mix of folk for a relaxed weekend where all can thrive and have a ball. In recent years they have welcomed performers from Ghana, Palestine and Canada, Syrian refugees from Glasgow, music from Nashville, and they have sung, danced, yoga-ed and explored the woods together.

Being unafraid to confront the myriad of issues – whether social, political, theological or cultural – which make up the whole person and the whole human condition. In recent years they have explored the legacies of slavery, asked what it means to be post-Christian, heard migrants’ stories and travellers’ songs, and explored the experiences of trans and queer artists through poetry and dance.

They curate a programme packed full of creativity in all its forms – with a bias toward participation, collaboration and nurturing new talent. From Scottish Opera to Mr Boom, Karine Polwart to The Adventure Circus, James Robertson to Clare Cunningham, they want our audience and artists to mix and make things in collaboration.

They make sure that in all they do, whether programme or practice, they are promoting social and environmental justice, disturbing privilege and using art and debate to move our communities and ourselves forwards. In recent years they have hosted performances around disability, heard about the refugee crisis from refugees, discussed sugar as the new tobacco, and welcomed artists and thinkers from all progressive political positions. At the same time they have ourselves secured accessibility accreditation, run exchanges with Palestinian artists, and forged links with progressive groups across Scotland.

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