Womad Festival 2023

Festivals are special for me! at sixteen, I went to Reading Festival drinking sickly alcopops and dancing to The Stone Roses in low-slung combats.

At twenty, it was Glastonbury – the last one before they introduced proper ticketing. Some Scousers stole my mobile phone; but I’ll never forget watching Morcheeba with a Somerset sunset behind us. Beautiful!

Now I’m a thirty-something dad, and I wanted my toddler to experience that same festival freedom, minus the boogle-eyed midnight weirdos. I’d quite like an aromatherapy massage and some space to spread my Molly Picnic Blanket as well.

Of course, doing a festival with the kids requires a bit of pre-planning, but after a bit of homeworks couple of 2 years ago I took my daughter to WOMAD Festival & i can wait to go back next month with her.

A music feast that will truly open up your kids’ eyes and ears to the world we live in. Performers hail from anywhere and everywhere: Cuba, Turkey, Honduras, the Congo, Bangladesh, the list is endless. Take the little ones on a round the world trip without the expense or the long haul flight. There are many family friendly festivals to choose from, so you’re going to have to make a call, and it’s a tough one. There are kids and adult workshops on world food, drumming and more plus special kids workshops creating artwork for the final procession. Under 13’s go free (mine is 7)


WOMAD – World of Music, Arts and Dance – Charlton Park, Malmesbury,
Wiltshire, SN16 9DG
25 – 28 July 2019

ONLINE: <a href=”http://womad.co.uk/tickets/”>www.womad.co.uk/tickets</a>

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